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Africa Is Addictive!

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

The adventure through Africa began in the Eastern Cape, a land teeming with rugged landscapes and untamed wildlife. The first challenge: hunting the formidable Cape Buffalo, a creature that commands respect and demands skill. With anticipation humming in the air, the hunt commenced.

Hunting Safaris In Limpopo Hunting Plains Game Zebra June 2023:
Limpopo Zebra June 2023

Days were spent tracking through dense thickets, eyes peeled for any sign of the elusive yet dangerous prey. The thrill of the chase was matched only by the adrenaline rush when finally face-to-face with the majestic yet formidable buffalo.

After the exhilarating pursuit in the Eastern Cape, the journey continued northward to Limpopo. Here, the landscape changed, offering a new terrain and a chance to pursue plains game. Amongst the golden savannas and sprawling vistas, the hunt unfolded, targeting various species with precision and respect for the natural balance. The experience of tracking and successfully taking down the plains game echoed with a deep connection to the African wilderness.

But the call of the Cape Buffalo beckoned again. Another venture ensued, facing the enigmatic "Black Death," a moniker that spoke volumes about the awe-inspiring power and danger these creatures held. The pursuit was both thrilling and humbling, reminding of nature's raw might and the delicate dance between predator and prey.

Returning to Johannesburg, the adventure took a twist as plans aligned to meet Rick and Graham. Together, a journey into Botswana was charted, navigating the vast expanses of the Caprivi Strip. The anticipation of encountering more dangerous game heightened with every passing mile. The journey wasn't just about the hunt; it was a communion with the untamed African landscapes, an immersion into the heartbeat of the wild.

My 3rd Limpopo Cape Buffalo Experience Was Amazing
My 3rd Limpopo Cape Buffalo Experience Was Amazing

As the expedition unfolded, each day brought new challenges and triumphs. Be it the stealth required for tracking elusive game or the patience in waiting for the perfect moment, each experience etched memories that would last a lifetime.

The camaraderie with fellow adventurers, the stories shared around campfires, and the deep bond formed with the land and its inhabitants made the journey not just an adventure but a soul-stirring odyssey.

Memories Were Made In The Caprivi That Will Stand The Test Of Time
Memories Were Made In The Caprivi That Will Stand The Test Of Time

Truly, it was an odyssey that transcended mere hunting—a symphony of nature, adrenaline, and camaraderie, leaving an indelible mark on the soul and painting vivid memories of Africa's untamed beauty.

Our Head Tracker On The Caprivi Strip Brought Laughter & Joy
Our Head Tracker On The Caprivi Strip Brought Laughter & Joy



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