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About My Hunting Blog

JR Hossack Hunter & Outdoorsman

G'day, mates!

Welcome to 'The Big Game Hunter Australia & My Hunting Blog'!

Welcome to 'The Big Game Hunter Australia & My Hunting Blog'! I'm Aussie John, your guide through the exhilarating wilderness of hunting, fishing, 4-wheel driving, and beyond.


This is the ultimate hub for adrenaline-charged adventures, untamed tales, and a treasure trove of outdoor wisdom.


We are passionate about hunting and sharing our experiences with fellow hunters. Our blog is dedicated to providing you with the latest news, tips, and insights on all things related to hunting.

Within these pages lies not just a tale, but a voyage—a transformative expedition that will redefine the essence of hunting and conservation through the eyes of an Aussie. You're about to traverse the untamed outback to the heart of North America and beyond.

Etched in my soul are the dusty trails of the Australian high country, the silent stalks, and the respectful harvests. Now, let me share with you the methods and stories that have been my compass across the sprawling landscapes of America—from the sun-scorched plains of Texas to the haunting beauty of the Alaskan wilds.

In the vastness of North America, every hunter's dream can find its horizon. Will you journey with me beyond the rugged bushland of my youth to confront the majesty of the American wilderness and deep dark Africa. Will you discover, as I have, that the pursuit of game is as much about self-discovery as it is about the chase?

The land whispers secrets for those patient enough to listen. But be warned—the path I've walked is no mere holiday. It's a pilgrimage marked by grit, sweat, and a relentless quest for the heart of the hunt.

And just as I was about to set foot into the Alaskan frontier, where the promise of encountering the mighty grizzly was within reach, I stumbled upon a revelation so unexpected, it threatened to change everything I knew about the wild...

With over 55 years of hunting 

I cut my teeth on the magnificent Sambar deer. Back in those days there were no hunting blogs, crowds or tared roads just a heck of a lot of places for a young fella to hunt in the High Country practically every weekend.


I owned and operated a very successful ARB 4 Wheel Drive Accessories and Outdoor business on the border of N.S.W. and Victoria, so the bush was really my home away from home!


During the 80's 2-3 mates and I would regularly backpack into the Humphrey River for 10 days of unspoilt wilderness hunting Sambar Stags and pristine trout fishing in the mountain streams and creeks.


In fact, our remote backpacking shelter/hut still stands today 30 years later in the Humphrey River somehow surviving many bush-fire periods.

These days I am a Queenslander on the Gold Coast. My passion for travel and hunting and working in the outdoor industry in Australia started in 2008... It began in Texas, with Whitetails and Hogs.


I have road-tripped around 40 States so far - there’s so much to see and do. Sending an arrow on its way from a tree stand in the deep snow to bear country in deep Alaska - the hunting has been an adrenaline-charged adventure! 

JR Hossack. 1970s Throwback Hunting Sambar Deerjpeg
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