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Get ready for the ultimate adrenaline rush with Big Game Hunter Australia - My Hunting Blog! I'm Aussie John, and I'm ready to take you on a journey through the exciting and unpredictable world of hunting.


Within these pages lies not just a tale, but a voyage—a transformative expedition that will redefine the essence of hunting and conservation through the eyes of an Aussie. You're about to traverse the untamed heart of North America, or stalking through darkest Africa, where every page turn is a step deeper into the wilderness. Etched in my soul are the dusty trails of the Australian high country, the silent stalks, and the respectful harvests.


Now, let me share with you the methods and stories that have been my compass across the sprawling landscapes of America—from the sun-scorched plains of Texas to the haunting beauty of the Alaskan wilds. In the vastness of North America, every hunter's dream can find its horizon.


Will you journey with me beyond the rugged bushland of my youth to confront the majesty of the American wilderness? Will you discover, as I have, that the pursuit of game is as much about self-discovery as it is about the chase? The land whispers secrets for those patient enough to listen.


But be warned—the path I've walked is no mere holiday. It's a pilgrimage marked by grit, sweat, and a relentless quest for the heart of the hunt. And just as I was about to set foot into the Alaskan frontier, where the promise of encountering the mighty grizzly was within reach, I stumbled upon a revelation so unexpected, it threatened to change everything I knew about the wild... and exploring continents around the world. Join me as we explore the outdoors and share our experiences tips and tricks...

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My First Horse Back Hunt In The USA Sept 2023 For Elk


Join me and let's explorer the hunting world...

G'day, mates! Welcome to 'The Big Game Hunting Blog'—your ultimate hub for adrenaline-charged adventures, untamed tales, and a treasure trove of outdoor wisdom. I'm Aussie John, your guide through the exhilarating wilderness of hunting, fishing, 4-wheel driving, and beyond.

This is the place to be for all hunting enthusiasts who want to stay updated with the latest hunting trends, tips, and tricks. We are dedicated to providing you with authentic and comprehensive information on all aspects of hunting, from choosing the right gear to tracking big game in the wild.


Our team of experienced hunters and outdoor enthusiasts are passionate about sharing their knowledge with you and helping you become a better hunter.

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