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  • John Hossack

Headed For Hog Deer Country!

Set off on an adventure just before Easter, journeying southward with my family in tow. Our first stop was at the vibrant Big4 trailer park, where my 8-year-old couldn't contain their excitement in Coffs Harbour.

As the sun rose on the following day, we found ourselves enchanted by the charms of The Entrance, just north of Sydney. Our travels led us to Canberra, where we immersed ourselves in the capital's sights and sounds for four exhilarating nights, including a memorable visit to the zoo.

As my wife and son bid farewell to the Gold Coast and soared homeward, I embarked on a solo expedition, cruising to my friend Darren Plumb's house for an evening of reminiscing and laughter till 1am.

With the dawn of a new day, I ventured onward to Albury Wodonga, my cherished hometown, eager to reconnect with family and old friends.

Among them, a delightful surprise awaited in Mulwala, where I shared laughter and stories with Nicol, Rob and family together Eric Simmons, creating cherished memories that unexpectedly enriched our journey.

After relishing a few days in Albury Wodonga, soaking in the nostalgia and catching up with loved ones, I know my time here is fleeting. Soon, I'll embark on a thrilling journey over the majestic Great Dividing Range, bound for Sale, where my eagerly anticipated hog deer hunt awaits.

But before I dive into the wilderness, there's some essential business to attend to. The trusty Hilux, my steadfast companion on countless adventures, is due for an upgrade. A GVM (Gross Vehicle Mass) upgrade is on the cards, a crucial enhancement to ensure it's up to the task of rugged terrain and heavy loads.

I've got my sights set on Sydney for the upgrade, a pit stop on my journey where I'll also take the opportunity for a retune.

However, not all is smooth sailing. There's a nagging issue with the timing chain, a pesky problem that seems to plague many of the same model. Thankfully, it's a warranty matter, and a visit to the Toyota dealer back home is in order to get it sorted once and for all.

Ah, the trials and triumphs of the road. But therein lies the essence of adventure, doesn't it? There's always a tale to tell, a challenge to overcome, and ultimately, a journey to cherish. So stay tunned friends.... JR Hossack

JR Hossack's Rugged X Toyota Hilux Campking Roof Top Tent & MRT Canopy



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