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"Embarking on Colorado's Muzzle Loader Adventure: Pursuit at Coulter Lake Guest Ranch"

"Over nine years ago, I began accumulating preference points in Colorado, setting the stage for a thrilling hunting adventure. During my travels back from a successful whitetail pursuit in Kansas in 2022,

2023 Colorado Muzzle Loader Elk Hunt
2023 Colorado Muzzle Loader Elk Hunt

I crossed paths with Forest and Kelly Keith. Our conversation sparked ideas about leveraging my accrued points for a joint hunting venture in 2023.

In the early months of 2023, I took the plunge and applied for both Muzzle Loader Elk and 3rd Season Rifle Mule Deer tags—and luck was on my side as I secured both permits. Excitement brimming, I swiftly informed Forest of my success in the units he recommended.

Nestled near Rifle, Colorado, lies the magnificent Coulter Lake Guest Ranch amidst the Flattop Mountains—an exquisite haven teeming with wildlife and breathtaking vistas. The Muzzle Loader season coincides with the prime rut of archery season, promising the potential to lure bulls within range of my trusty 50 cal.

Preparing for this thrilling expedition, I unwrapped packages containing specialized Muzzle Loader Projectiles and Peep Sights for my Thompson Encore Prohunter Muzzle Loader. The anticipation felt like reliving Christmas morning!

Colorado's Muzzle Loader Season regulations—no sabot, no scope, only loose powder—demanded meticulous preparation. I diligently fine-tuned my gear, dedicating time to aligning my Muzzle Loader. By the dawn of day two, it was impeccably zeroed in at 50 yards.

The checklist wasn't complete without the mandatory Hunter Orange vest and hat. A quick stop at Sportsmen's Warehouse in Grand Junction ensured I was fully equipped before embarking back to Rifle and the enchanting Coulter Lake Guest Ranch.

( Offering authentic ranch-style cabins amidst the Colorado Flattops, the ranch boasts not just remarkable hunting experiences but also trail rides, wedding packages, and a picturesque lake brimming with trout.

Stay tuned for live updates as this exhilarating journey unfolds!"



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