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Embarking on a Journey: My Unforgettable Muzzle Loader Elk Hunt in Colorado's Unit 33

Updated: Jan 1

G'day, fellow adventurers! Let me regale you with the epic tale of my recent escapade—a mesmerizing muzzle loader elk hunt in the heart of Colorado's picturesque Unit 33. Hailing all the way from the Aussie lands, this expedition was nothing short of a dream woven into reality.

For 10 glorious days, I immersed myself in the rugged beauty of the Flat Tops, where each sunrise unfolded a new chapter in my hunting odyssey. What made this journey exceptional wasn't merely the pursuit of the majestic elk, but the thrill of experiencing my inaugural horseback hunt.

Picture this: traversing the wilderness astride a sturdy mount, weaving through untamed terrains, and forging a camaraderie with nature that's hard to replicate. The hunt itself was a symphony of anticipation and precision.

The resonance of my muzzle loader breaking the serene silence of the wilderness, coupled with the adrenaline rush as I closed in on the elk, made each encounter an unforgettable moment etched in time.

But beyond the chase, what truly enriched this expedition were the bonds forged around the crackling campfire. Sharing tales, laughter, and the warmth of a hot cuppa with my seasoned guides became the heart of our nightly rituals. Their wisdom and camaraderie added layers of richness to this adventure, painting it with hues of authenticity and companionship.

The sheer distance from the vast Australian continent to the rugged terrains of Colorado might seem daunting, but the sheer magnificence of this experience made every mile traversed entirely worthwhile.

My First Elk Hunt With My Muzzle Loader & By Horse Back Was Amazing & Unforgettable
My First Elk Hunt With My Muzzle Loader & By Horse Back Was Amazing & Unforgettable

Australia: Airline Qantas, Brisbane, Sydney, Dallas DFW Texas USA.

Car Hire: DFW To Hunt Location

Firearm: Thompson Encore Black Powder Muzzle Loader Peep Sights

Ammunition: 275 Grain Projectile 105 Grains Blackpowder

Outfitter: Forest Keith

Ease Of The Hunt Terrain: 5/10

Value For Money: 10/10

Outfitter With Give Suggested Gear List Elevation 8-10000 Feet Cold To Possible Snow

State of Hunt: Colorado USA

Non Residents: Can Apply Online Get Over The Counter Hunting Licence/Tag With Valid Passport ID Ask Outfitter Before Applying

Hunter Ed: Required. (Australian R Licence Is Often Valid in many States)

The NSW Hunter Education Program has been endorsed by IHEA-USA and is known as IHEA-AU. Hunter LEAP and the NSW R-Licence Accreditation Course are recognised internationally by each IHEA partner and can be used as evidence for the completion of approved hunter education when purchasing overseas hunting licences in partner countries.

Colorado Hunting License/Tag Required: Yes. Some Tags Are Over The Counter Tags

Accommodation: Cabin 9/10 Tent 7/10

Food: Supplied

Drinks: Supplied Soft Drink / Water

Weapons: Bring Your Own Or Hire Rifle / Bring Your Own Bow

Nearest Airport: Grand Junction Or Denver 5 1/2 hours

Road Access: Tar Road Last 10 Mile Graded Gravel Road

Processing: Gutted/Cut Up Into Quarters Bring Your Own Coolers

Taxidermist: 4K Taxidermy

Over All Value: 9/10



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