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"Conquering Whitetail Majesty: A Thrilling Encounter at Bruce Hunnicutt's Texas Outfitters Ranch"

Updated: Jan 1

My archery season had left me yearning for that connection with the hunt, but rifle season was about to change the game. Armed with my new Fierce 30 Nosler, topped off with the precision of a Leupold Mark 5 HD scope and 180-grain projectiles, I was ready for action.

2023 East Texas Whitetail Hunt With Outfitter Bruce Hunnicutt
2023 East Texas Whitetail Hunt With Outfitter Bruce Hunnicutt

Destination? Bruce Hunnicutt's legendary Texas Hog Hunting Outfitters ranch in East Texas—an annual pilgrimage for pursuing those elusive whitetails. For seven consecutive years, Bruce and his family had never failed to deliver an adrenaline-pumping adventure.

This time, stepping onto their revamped grounds felt like entering a hunter's paradise—a luxurious retreat that still retained the rugged charm of the wild. It was comfort and camaraderie, wrapped in one—a true home away from home.

The second day kicked off with a slow, muggy vibe, but that didn't last long. As the clock hit 4 pm, the stage was set, and nature's actors began to make their grand entrance. Deer trickled into the field, setting the scene for an impending spectacle.

Just as daylight started to fade, a majestic buck appeared, trailing a retinue of does. His imposing width signaled a prime target. With precision honed by years of practice, I took the shot. The impact was unmistakable—he dropped like a stone.

Excitement pulsed through me as I covered the 125-yard distance. Standing over the fallen buck, it was a rush of triumph—this was the famed split 2 buck, a legend in these parts.

With adrenaline coursing, I called up Bruce, sharing the thrill of the moment before tagging the buck. It was yet another masterpiece from Bruce's meticulously managed ranch—a tale to be recounted in the legacy of unforgettable hunts.

Australia: Airline Qantas, Brisbane, Sydney, Dallas DFW Texas USA.

Firearm: Fierce Carbon Fibre 30 Nosler 5x25 Mark 5 HD Leupold

Ammunition: 180 Nosler Trophy Grade

Outfitter: Bruce Hunnicutt

Ease Of The Hunt Terrain: 9/10 Flat Ranch Land

Value For Money: 10/10

State of Hunt: Texas USA

Gear Required: Tree Or Stand Hunting Autumn To Winter Weather

Non Residents: Can Get Hunting Licence/Tag With Valid Passport ID

Hunter Ed: Required. (Australian R Licence Is Often Valid in many States)

The NSW Hunter Education Program has been endorsed by IHEA-USA and is known as IHEA-AU. Hunter LEAP and the NSW R-Licence Accreditation Course are recognised internationally by each IHEA partner and can be used as evidence for the completion of approved hunter education when purchasing overseas hunting licences in partner countries.

TX Hunting License/Tag Required: Yes

Accommodation: 9/10

Food: BYO

Drinks: BYO

Weapons: Bring Your Own Or Hire

Night Thermal Hunts: Yes

Nearest Airport: DFW Or Lovefield TX 2 1/2 hours

Road Access: Tar Road To Ranch Gate

Processing: Gutted/Cut Up/ Wrapped in Butchers Paper & Frozen Included in Cost

Taxidermist: Onsite

Over All Value: 9/10



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