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New Mexico Antelope Hunt 2017

G'day folks this week I have preparing for my rifle antelope hunt in New Mexico. I have a Remington Sendero Mk11 in 7 mm rem magnum, with some mods like a muzzle brake and a Calvin Elite Timney Trigger topped of with a Huskemaw Blue Diamond 5-20 LR scope and custom ammunition.

The rifle shot out to 845 yards with custom turret so i was very happy with the results and managed to get some time at Arizona range that trigger is crisp!

Wednesday 4th Oct 2017 Today I spent most of the morning at the archery range in Payson AZ getting some time with my new Mathews Halon 32...I had a great morning!

This afternoon I proceeded to pack my truck with all the gear I need for the Antelope hunt and catch up on some web-work and down loading video files tonight.

My Antelope hunt starts Saturday morning and concludes Monday night...a 3 day season in New Mexico should be all the time I need as New Mexico is noted for great I am really looking forward to this hunt with Jordan Hall Outfitting New Mexico.



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