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Back Home In The Land Downunder

I arrived back in Australia on Valentines Day lol and yes the wife was at the airport waiting for me and i did have a gift ready for her...

Jet-lag is tough after being in the USA for five months and acclimatizing and the many time zones I traveled back and forward through.

Fallow Deer season is only round the corner and I cannot wait for that. I've been busy in my man cave - workshop changing scopes over. My 338 Remington Kustom Shop Mountain Rifle had a 4x12 VX3 now its moving to a Leupold VX 6 3-18 Illuminated Scope.

This trip I also brought back a Wheeler Scope Level kit plus a range of Wheeler Scope and Gun Tools, along with a RCBS chronograph and trigger weight pull measuring tool.

My luggage also contained my Remington Ultimate Muzzle Loader its a 50 cal black powder inline Muzzle Loader - new from Remington capable of 300 yards shots - I also topped this of with a Leupold VX6 3-18 Illuminated scope. The rifles are at Australian Customs awaiting the mandatory safety test and hopefully release in the next 10 days along with my Bear hunting favorite - my 375Ruger Alaskan Guides rifle whiched will be topped off with a 1x6 VX6 Illuminated scope as well...stay tuned for more updates soon!



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