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Big Game Rifles

There are so many great Big Game or Dangerous Game rifles out there in the market place today. In more recent times you can get into a big caliber for under $1500.

I have rifle hunted in Australia, many of the States within America, Namibia and South Africa with different calibers.

I have taken some great trophies with different calibers - deer, bear, scrub bulls, eland, and warthogs just to name a few - so finding the best rifle that suits your needs is most important. ​ My favorites dangerous game rounds are 338 WM, 375 H&H, 375 Ruger, 300 RUM and my 50 Cal Muzzle Loader.

My 375Ruger is a stainless steel with a rugged Green Mountain laminate stock. It has a shallow "express-style" windage adjustable "V" notch rear sight and large white bead front sight for instant target acquisition but I chose to mount a VX6 Leupold 1x6 scope. I prefer the Barns projectiles loaded by double Tap Ammo in the USA.

My 202 Sauer Select is also one of my favorites. I have two barrels for it in 300 win mag and 375 H&H. I have a Swarovski scope Z6(i) 2.5-15x56 with EAW detachable mounts.

My Remington Kustom Shop rifle in 338 win mag has a 4x12 VX3 Leupold scope and matching rings. This is my favorite light weight mountain rifle.



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