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July 31, 2018

| By AussieJohn

When I arrived at Royal Karoo Safaris in June of 2018 I was a little over whelmed when I saw their brand new and incredible bow hunting blinds.

I have hunted in a lot of countries around the world where outfitters have stated "they...

June 28, 2018

I was been fascinated by this plains game species for many years. I never had an opportunity to hunt one before...but on this Royal Karoo Safari adventure they have some awesome Black Wildebeest. I had great stalk for over a mile i...

June 28, 2018

Wow! My first Sable Antelope taken on the Eastern Cape with Royal Karoo...

Sable Antelope, are what I consider the most beautiful African Game species I've hunted. More to come soon about this hunt!  Visit



June 25, 2018

We all made it to the Eastern Cape this week with out good friends Bruce & Becky Hunnicutt from East Texas. On the first day Bruce arrowed some exceptional game.

A beautiful Sable and a Red Lechwe...more to come stay tuned!

June 20, 2018

| By AussieJohn

Finished packing for South Africa today...4 am we head to Brisbane Airport for our Qantas flight. Its been four years since we last touched down in Joberg. We are meeting up in Port Elizabeth with Rob Birch...founder, outfitter an...

June 2, 2018

G day friends, both Daughter Mary and myself checked out the Barcoo limited edition Wrangler Belts last week. These signature belts are quality dual-layered, made with full-grain leather, stitched together with military-grade threa...

June 1, 2018

Less than 3 week now till we all board Qantas and fly to Jo'berg South Africa and then on to Port Elizabeth to join Rob Birch CEO and friend from Royal Karoo Safaris.

My good friend Bruce Hunnicutt and wife Beck are flying in from T...

May 31, 2018

"Cape Buffalo Hunt" taken in Limpopo South Africa earlier this year with a 375 H&H using 270 grain Barns... The Cape Buffalo are one of Africa's Big 5 and a very dangerous encounter! 

A front-on chest shot quickly followed up with a...

May 31, 2018

| By AussieJohn

Huge Kudu Bull lay at my feet. The biggest Kudu Bull I've seen he had to be close to 60 inches give or take. This Limpopo hunting Safari was one of the best encounters in South Africa.

April 17, 2018

This is my favorite time of the year in Australia...April.

The Fallow Deer Rut is in full swing mid April and I cannot wait to be apart of it!

I packed my gear and headed for the New England Ranges of Northern NSW Australia , about a...

March 8, 2018

AussieJohn Hunts Osceola Turkey in Florida USA...

February 6, 2018

I had the great joy of talking my son JohnReno and daughter Mary to this years SCI convention in Las Vegas. They both enjoyed seeing all the wildlife displays and outfitter booths. The kids loved the show and our family holiday in...

January 16, 2018

AussieJohn Hunts Javelina In Arizona In 2018

January 8, 2018

AussieJohn Hunts Arizona

December 29, 2017

Welcome to my new hunting products and outdoor blog page. You know I love testing hunting products first hand and getting outdoors around the world.

I am looking forward to seeing first hand all the new long range products available...

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G'day. This is Aussie John and welcome to "The Big Game Hunting Blog". B.G.H.A. is packed full of  dedicated adventures, with my hunting blog,  photo galleries, travel stories, tips, fishing blog , 4 wheel drive gear, reviews and new products. Outdoor promotion and marketing business is mixed in with social media and outdoor stories for entertainment.


I cut my teeth on the magnificent Sambar deer. Back in those days there were no hunting blogs, crowds or tarred roads just a heck of a lot of places for a young fella to hunt in the High Country practically every weekend. I owned and operated a very successful 4 Wheel Drive Accessories and Outdoor business on the border of N.S.W. and Victoria, so the bush was really my home away from home!


During the 80's 2-3 mates and I would regularly backpack into the Humphrey River for 10 days of unspoilt wilderness hunting Sambar Stags and pristine trout fishing in the mountain streams and creeks. In fact, our remote backpacking shelter/hut still stands today 30 years later in the Humphrey River somehow surviving many bush-fire periods.

I operated an ARB accessories store in Albury and later a luxury 4 WD Tour Company called Champagne Sunset Tours, back in early 2000. It featured on The Great Outdoors & Healthy Wealthy & Wise TV Shows. The business, also won the Victorian Fair Trader Country Award Of The Year for customer service. The business was a finalist in both NSW & Victoria Tourism Awards for four years running.

These days I am a Queenslander on the Gold Coast, but I still manage to get back to the Victorian high Country once or twice a year to hunt Sambar. It wasn't long after I arrived in Queensland and hit the ground running with a few Fallow deer down and making a dent in the Australian feral hog population.


My passion for travel and hunting and working in the outdoor industry in Australia started in 2008... It began in Texas, with Whitetails and Hogs. I have road-tripped around 40 States so far - there’s so much to see and do. Sending an arrow on its way from a tree stand in the deep snow to bear country in deep Alaska - the hunting has been an adrenaline-charged adventure! 


I can recommend hunting with stunning scenery in Alaska, float planes and my 375Ruger loaded with Barns beside me. This 2018 I drew a very sort after tag from San Carlos Indian Reservation for Coues Deer and really looking forward to that hunt in AZ.

Earlier this year I was off hunting Dangerous Game in Limpopo and Plains Game within the Eastern Cape of South Africa.

Put it all together...and we have an awesome adventure lined up traveling the world!

I create modern mobile friendly web-sites with 1st page SEO ranking outfitters world wide. I am a Social Media Influencer on social media who has established credibility in the hunting industry, with access to a large audience. Not only do I travel to the outfitters places of business around the world, but actually hunt and use there facilities to get a first hand insight and hands on recommendation. If your an outfitters who wants to reach new markets or improve their website and SEO presents then contact me. 


Bows &



The first time l looked down the barrel of a 375 H&H, and then a few weeks later through the peep sight of my bow... and both times  I wondered if that  2000lb wild scrub bull would  turn and charge me! 

What an adrenaline rush...

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Hunting Property For Sale



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Great hunting adventures await you in Australia, South Africa, Namibia and North America.


I have been fortunate to hunt with a number of great outfitters in Australia and beyond. I can personally recommend them to you. ​


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Situated along the passageway between the sunny city centres of Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, ARB Caboolture sits along Morayfield Road and is locally owned and operated by a passionate team with a wealth of experience when it comes to getting out and hitting the dirt.


"I  setting up my project 2019 200 series at ARB Caboolture in Queensland so stay tuned for the updates to my Cruiser 




Raitt International Freight commenced business in 1996.


The Raitt Team is experienced in all facets of international logistics.


They can organise your trophy shipment from around the world with superior customer service and competitive pricing.

"I use Raitt Freight for all my International Trophy Importation. 

Professional, cost effective solutions for Importing - Exporting Trophies AussieJohn".





Tony Bianco Taxidermy has been in operation now for over 25years and is located on Queensland's Sunshine Coast in Australia.


We pride ourselves in our work and understand how highly personalised and valued each customer's trophy is, being keen hunters ourselves.

​"I have been sending my hunting trophies to Tony Bianco for many years now.  Tony’s work is very professional with real life-like results AussieJohn"





Welcome To SupaFit Seat Covers. SupaFit Seat Covers in Perth are manufacturers of premium Australian made aftermarket protective seat covers, custom made to fit.


We use only top quality materials to guarantee the highest levels of quality and comfort across all our custom made seat covers.


​"Exceptional quality seat covers now protect my 200 Series Toyota Landcruiser -

Highly recommend!" AussieJohn"


 My outdoor world is a world filled with adventure, excitement with adrelian charged moments to savor and share around the camp fire with good friends and family...and go hunting at every opportunity!


I would love to share  my hunting blog world of adventures with you - so why not book a hunt with one of my many outfitters. AussieJohn.


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